How Long Has It Been?

1225142008Lord almighty! I decided to come back from the dead! Not really, but you know what I mean! Last I posted I had all kinds of crazy things going on, then the computer crashed and I was left with only my kindle and phone. I decided to revamp my book and have been doing so with the aid of a blue tooth key board. It got to be frustrating so I put the book on the back burner.

I now have a brand new laptop courtesy of my old man (yes, the same one I posted about almost three years ago, the hot one up in that picture with me.) I have been writing like a mad person. I keep laughing at how crazy my ‘voice’ sounded back then. I also have the time to work on it as well. I got my cdl and drive a bus for our local public school. I love it! (I’m the cool bus driver that has pizza parties) I am paid the same amount I was when working a 32 hr a week job and I only work 15 hrs a week!

My old man and I just got our first place last February and we love it. We have chickens and I sell the eggs, we also have guineas, geese, ducks, 4 dogs and 3 cats. Oh and 3 kids, I lump them in with the animals 😁

Anyway, just wanted to give y’all a quick, long overdue update. I hope everyone has a great day and happy holidays!

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I’m Doing WHAT?!?!

Well, I am down to finishing touches on my book! I can not believe the long hard road that I have traveled. Now… I am just starting the beginning research for a new book! No this is not part of my series. It is a stand alone, horror. If you know me, you know the last thing you will ever do is catch me reading a horror book or watching a horror movie… Now, of all things, I am fixing to be researching something that will probably give me nightmares for the next few weeks.

I know this is a super short update, but be forewarned… this is only the first of many to come for my upcoming book and my new book.

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Breaking News and a New Look

Well, I am thinking about being evil. I really am! If you want to know what the breaking news is you will have to go to my Chapter 1 page!

I decided it was time to revamp my page and give it a new look! I have been wanting to create something myself so I did. I got permission to use Wicked Princess Scraps. I explained that I am writing a book and would like something unique for my blog. So, voila! Here it is. I know I still am not posting near as much, I am hoping to get more done now that the kids are in school. Hope everyone has a blessed week!


Edits and Life

After last weeks post I still remain heartbroken as anyone who looses a dear friend would. I have however, decided to post my updates and news of goings on with the book and my life.

My book is coming along! I have an actual plot wall! I can not believe that I had patience to work on it, but I did, and finished! I am now on straight computer editing. I did have a butt load (yes, I really just said that) written, then I decided to go back and revise. It turned out to a lot less than what I would have expected. I guess as a new (er) writer everything is a bit scattered. I also realized that I did not have near the descriptions that I should. I am having a lot of fun going back and visualizing. Things I could not ‘see’ before I can. I am going to switch over to what is going on in my life, but talk of my book will still be in there because it is part of my life!
I am dating! GASP! Not just dating around but exclusively. I did not expect to date again, this soon. I did date one person at the beginning of my divorce, but as all rebounds go, it went downhill fast. I got over it and decided I was going to be a happy single mother and live life not worrying about men… You know what they say about that… As soon as you stop looking someone great comes along. Let me tell you, it is true! He has met my children and well… lets just say I feel like I have an added child when he is around my kids. He really has taken an interest in my writing, which to me, is amazing! He has read a few snippets that I have grudgingly handed over to him. (It really makes me nervous to hand out my work!)

We took a trip to Fayetteville, AR last week. It is a different world there. It is the exact setting I visualize in my world building, but to see it in real life floored me. It gave me a live perspective on my book. We also went to an antique and used bookstore. I had so much fun in there. I found four books that have turned out to be wonderful research tools for my writing and will be for years to come. Awesome thing is, I didn’t buy them, he wanted to get them for me. I have to say, there really are still good men out there… Oh, did I mention he can cook? 🙂

Me and Jonathan

Me and Jonathan

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Have you ever been blind sided on Facebook? Well, as of today I have. I was ready to post about my book and a few goings on in my life that are wonderful, then I logged on Facebook this morning and found out a very close and dear friend was killed in Afghanistan, by an IED yesterday. His name is Daniel Rodriguez. He is an amazing father and husband. We used to joke that he was my big brother because his birthday is two days before mine.

I talked to his wife Tiffanie today, she is a best friend and sister in one. We reminisced a bit; and laughed and cried. They helped me out after my first divorce, I stayed with them while I recouped and got to where I needed to be. They have 3 children. I am so heartbroken right now I can barely function. I am hoping that getting it out will help a bit.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Danny and Tiffanie Rodriguez

Serenity, Jr., and Celeste

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Lots of Research

This week I have been doing a bunch of research. I am also really missing my writer friends! I have decided once and for all to keep my own full name. No pen name for me. I am Cathleen Dewar. I know I have gone back and forth with this for a while and someone asked why. I explained with a lot of reasons that are all great. If you know M.E. Anders and her story, mine is the same. We grew up together under a lot of controversial circumstances. With that said it took a lot to decide to just put my name out there.

As I said I have been doing a bunch of research. When I first started working on my book I found several workshops online. I downloaded them and printed them. Not having the internet right now has been a challenge. I am glad that I have a huge book full of workshops and all the printouts I made of my research. I am hoping within the next couple of months to have my internet back, then I will be able to really get into everything full swing. I also want to start ROW80 again, but that will be a matter of time.

As for my writer friends, I had a bunch of you on my old Facebook. Right now I am undiscoverable. I would love to reconnect, so if you could send me a message in my contact form I will gladly add you.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day. Now to get my kiddies to the pool!


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Once A Week

As some of you know, I have been going through a divorce. It should be final within the next two weeks (Thank God!). I have been working on edits and playing around with my book more and more. I will be posting once a week because this poor working mama has no internet. When I am off work, I am out of town at a friends house and guess what?!?! There is internet! I figure once a week update is the best I can do.


Have you ever been writing and the auto save had not saved yet, you hit the quit button and instead of hitting save, you hit don’t save? Yes, I speak from experience… IT SUCKS! One spot I had been stuck on for quite a while just hit me yesterday; I started typing away, excited and ready to burst because I figured it out! Then of course as you see up above… I lost over two pages. I wanted to scream! I forced myself to close the computer and breathe.

So, here I am today, having to remember what I wrote yesterday, but hoping it will be even better than what I had before.